My name Michele, I came out of CVS Ballenger Center Drive only to find out I locked my keys in my car. The windows were down about 3 to 4 inches. Too small for my forearm. Then, a Dave’s Lock & Key Van pulled up and parked right next to me. I said “excuse me sir, I locked my keys in my car…do you have something to reach my keys on the seat.” “yes I do”- Wonderful I said, asked his name & he said Dave. Not 2 seconds later my keys were placed right in my hand! I offered Dave a $5.00, he refused. You are an angel I said, I’ll pray for you. He said well you can leave me a review, here is my business card. I told him as soon as I get home, I’ll write the review. In the meantime I’ve placed his business magnet right on my refrigerator. I can assure you If I ever need a locksmith…for home…whatever…. I will be sure to call Dave at Dave’s Lock & Key. These hard time times in our country….we never really seem to focus on all the good people in this world. They go beyond the call of duty, out of their hearts. Not looking to make a quick dollar. Dave is one of those people!